Burgers & Hots


Hamburger $5.39
Cheeseburger $5.99
Double Cheeseburger $7.99
Bacon Cheeseburger $6.99

(lettuce, tomato, mayo)

Xpress Burger $9.29

(double cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo)

Mushroom Burger $7.59

(mushrooms & swiss)

Western Burger $7.59

(grilled onion, bacon, cheddar, bbq)

Buffalo Bleu Burger $7.59

(crumbled bleu cheese & buffalo sauce)

Brisket Burger $7.59

(brisket, cheddar, bbq)

Brunch Burger $7.59

(egg, bacon, cheese)


Our delicious, juicy burgers come with a hard bun, and toppings of your choice. See the burger menu for options, or grab yourself a hot dog. Both come fresh from the grill.


Red Hot $4.59
White hot $4.59